Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: uTaste Sample Box November 2012

A lovely surprise for a Sunday, the uTaste sample box arrived.

This is a monthly box priced at $29 that sends a selection of gourmet treats.

What's in this month's box?

  • eff Effervescent Fruit Juice - Lemon Lime - a can of fizzy fruit juice, came with an explanatory pamphlet (as you may imagine there's not a huge lot of explaining to do with this, the makers seem keen to distinguish their product from soft drinks)
  • Unforgettable Petite Meringues - teeny tiny meringues, that I had to fight to keep for the photograph, as my daughter was keen to snap them up immediately.
  • 1806 Beer - Very strange to have a venue famous for its delicious cocktails send out a bottle of beer! Don't dob us in to the Australian Embassy, but we don't actually drink beer. This will be used in cooking, no doubt, or be foisted on to a guest.
  • Pana Chocolate - Coconut & Goji - Melbourne made raw organic chocolate, has to be good!
  • Currong Comestibles - Riberry Shrub - A cordial made from apple cider vinegar and 
  • Baylies Double Choc & Belguim Chocolate Biscuits - it's a chocolate cookie. What could possibly go wrong?
  • The Wondersnack Co Bar Snacks - roasted nuts, look delicious!
  • Also in the box - a guide to "Beautiful Accommodation" in Tasmania & Victoria, along with pamphlets for 1806. 
There's a lot of goodies here, there's definitely $29 worth of value here. I think this would make a lovely gift for a foodie friend, they'd remember you all year round if this kept arriving on the doorstep. You can have a look yourself at if the idea is appealing. 


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