Monday, December 17, 2012

Review: Utaste Sample Box December 2012

The december uTaste box arrived, chock full of goodies to enjoy as the silly season begins! What's inside?

  • Bruce Cost Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale - we cracked this open (you know, to sustain us while we looked at the rest of the box). We are big ginger ale fans here, and this one.. honestly, it's one of the most delicious drinks I have ever had. It's spicy and sweet and tastes very strongly of ginger, it's got a bit of a bite and tastes amazing. I loved this so much I immediately looked up where the stockists were.  
  • Caramelicious Salted Butter Caramel - a little jar of salted caramel.. tempting to just eat it straight out of the jar but the tasting notes suggest spreading it on bread, pancakes or heating it as a fondue.. mmm.
  • Ricci's Bikkies Cinnamon Sugar Turkish Bread - another thing we cracked open pretty much straight away - these are crisp and crunchy and sweet, very nice. They'd be amazing served stuck into a scoop of good vanilla icecream I think.
  • Farmer Jo Burnt Fig adn Cinnamon Almond Toasted Muesli - looks good, smells good, this would turn breakfast into a gourmet experience! Better crack out the nice brekkie bowls for this.
  • The Unexpected Guest Maple Roasted Almonds - Almonds and Maple Syrup is not a combination that's going to end badly, I'm quite sure these are going to be very tasty indeed. 
  • Rhu Bru Rubarb Juice - interesting, and intriguing! I'm looking forward to trying this.
  • Brown Brothers Sparking Moscato - I love sweet wines and this cute little bottle would be just perfect to take to a picnic.
Another awesome collection from Utaste, there's a couple of discoveries here I would have been happy to pay the cost of the box to get!  We're going to enjoy working our way through these very much.


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