Friday, November 23, 2012

Hotspots: Sushi Express Belgrave (Restaurant Review)

Every other Wednesday (or there-abouts), I take my 4 year old daughter out to play in the playground, followed by a trip to dinner, and her choice is invariably "SUSHI TRAIN!!!"

As four year olds go, she is pretty good about eating "funny-looking" things, once she knows they are good or fun to eat, she is hard to convince to try anything else.

Our regular dinner hasn't changed in the last year, which fortunately, is also something that I enjoy as well, and once a fortnight, isn't too frequent to become monotonous.

Probably the most exotic looking thing that we have is the bright orange squid salad. This is a cold, marinated and tasty treat. We occasionally swap this order out for the seaweed salad but recently, this has been the favourite. The occasional flake of chili raises my daughters alarm, but only on principle, this is a very mild dish, and cooling in its own right. In fact, even my baby-girl loves this.

Our second staple is the "crispy chicken hand-rolls" or temaki .Depending on her mood, the roll tends to either be eaten as intended, held in the hand and munched from one end, or in less-pleasing fashion, unraveled to expose the crispy fried chicken strips, cucumber, lettuce and tangy mayonase filling, before gobbling the rice and nori seaweed outer layer. I really enjoy these as well, and am pleased that we can share a nutritious and fun dinner that arrives ON RAILS!

Lastly, no trip to any sushi bar is complete without a serve of gari the sweet pickled Japanese ginger, which my daughter refers to a "the spicy ginger". As a palate cleanser or just a delicious snack, it just can't be beaten, and on the sushi train, it comes in the coal-car!

I really enjoying eating here, the cheerful, friendly staff are always very understanding of me, my daughters, and the inevitable carnage on the floor around us. One day I may even try some of their other fare, but until then, this fast favourite is my go-to place for Japanese food "in the hills" of the Dandenong Ranges.

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