Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hotspots: Self Preservation (Restaurant Review)

Up the top of Bourke St is an oh-so-hip cafe. They have all sorts of delicious looking things in the window, the smell of coffee wafting through the air and an eclectic range of art on the walls.. how could I resist?

Inside you also find jewellery along with the art for sale and lots of cosy little tables. It manages to give the impression of both airy open space and intimacy.

I had a cappuccino, which was just fine, and a slice of chocolate tart, which was really good - it came with a little jug of thick cream and fresh raspberries on the top, and a generous dusting of cocoa - perhaps a touch too much cocoa, I inhaled as I tried the first bite and spluttered a bit at all the powder.. but the tart itself was rich, simple and sublime.

They had a number of delicious looking savouries and sweets in the window and a cheese-board of the day as well, which looked very enticing.

Self Preservation on UrbanspoonAll in all a gorgeous little slice of Europe in the heart of Melbourne, well worth a visit.

Self Preservation is at 70 Bourke St, Melbourne.

I paid for my own meal and didn't identify myself as a blogger. 


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